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20.  Their "Way of Salvation" is wrong!
21.  Their "Mass" is wrong!
22.  Their "Magisterium" is wrong!
23.  Their "Recital of Angelus" is wrong!
24.  Their "Doctrine of Purgatory" is wrong!
25.  Their "Doctrine of Private Revelation" is wrong!
26.  Their "Doctrine of Absolution" is wrong!
27.  Their "Prayer to Dead Saints" is wrong!
28.  Their belief that the Catholic church is the "one true church" is wrong!
29.  Their "Doctrine of Conversion" is wrong!
30.  Their "Doctrine of Papal Infallibility" is wrong!
31.  Their "Rosary" is wrong!
32.  Their "Reception of the Authority of the Ministerial Priesthood" is wrong!
    There you have it my beloved, the 32 wrongs of the Catholic church! These are but 32 of the wrong doctrines of the Catholic church, however there are many more!
    My beloved, if you are a Catholic go to the way of salvation page and then go the salvation prayer page and accept the LORD JESUS CHRIST as your own personal Saviour today, not tomorrow but today! Don't let the Catholic false prophets pervert and subvert your mind and life any longer.  Heaven is just too beautiful to miss.  As I said before, a person cannot get to Heaven based on half-truths aka lies so renounce and receive.  Renounce your Catholicism and receive the LORD JESUS CHRIST as your own personal Saviour!

    210.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE MOVIE "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST"? The movie is wrong because it is a Catholic film, in which the director is a Catholic namely Mel Gibson. 
    Now, the Catholic church is perhaps the second largest Satanic cult in this world and has nothing to do with the LORD JESUS CHRIST, since as I have said before the foundation of the Catholic church are half-truths a.k.a. lies and the LORD JESUS CHRIST has nothing to do with half-truths my beloved.  The Catholic church is the "synagogue of Satan"!
    Here locally I was watching the local news and saw several pastors praising the film and urging everyone to go see it.  What "church going hypocrites" they are! I just wanted to go throw up after seeing those hypocrites! How can a pastor urge his congregation to go see such a Hellish and perverted movie or even buy hundreds of tickets for the congregation? The answer is that the pastor is in league with the founder of the Catholic church who is the devil or Satan.  No pastor who is God called and bought by the precious BLOOD of JESUS would even think of urging his congregation to go see such a movie of subversion and perversion as the "Passion of the Christ"!
    All Catholics are children of Satan and are not of God or the LORD JESUS CHRIST and that includes Mel Gibson as well.  It is obvious to me that Mel Gibson is trying to work his way to Heaven by getting on God's good side because evidently he believes that the movie is on target with God.  It is obvious to me that Mel Gibson is using the crucifixion of JESUS for his own personal gain since the movie will be grossing millions and since the movie is in his belief Biblically sound, but the movie is not Biblically sound as it is a Catholic film and since Catholicism is anti-Christ and anti-Bible.  You cannot mix Catholicism and the HOLY BIBLE my beloved. The movie "The Passion of the Christ" is really a "passion for the profits" and a "passion of the false prophets"! 
    A person who is Catholic cannot tell or instruct another in the doctrines of the HOLY BIBLE since that person doesn't know the WORD who is JESUS.  If Mel Gibson knew the WORD who is the  LORD JESUS CHRIST he would not have made that film a Catholic film with injected Catholic doctrine you can bet on that my beloved. I will not waste my money to go see such a movie of subversion and perversion of the HOLY BIBLE where the actor who portrays JESUS is a devout Catholic which in reality he is a devout anti-Christ.  Always remember that Catholicism means and/or equals anti-Christ!

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