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are to pervert and to subvert your mind through the fables of the Jewish religion.  The Jewish leaders are there to do one thing and that is to "DAMN" your soul to hell forever.  Renounce Judaism today and turn to CHRIST JESUS.  Judiasm is a religion of "DEATH"!
    Believe on JESUS as your
"Saviour" and "Messiah" for He is the only Son of God and He alone is your salvation.  REAL JEWS LOVE JESUS! Go to the way of salvation page and then go to the salvation prayer page and accept JESUS as your own personal Saviour today.  Salvation is free. My prayer is that all the Jewish people in Israel and around the world will renounce their Judiasm and receive JESUS as their own personal Saviour.  Please don't let all the false prophets in the Jewish world deceive you any longer with their anti-Christ and their anti-Bible persuasion!

  27.  TO GO TO HELL WHAT MUST I DO? Nothing! Just do nothing and you will be right there!

    28.  ARE YOU ON THE BROAD ROAD OR THE NARROW ROAD? I hope you will not go through life on the broad road which leads to destruction.  The broad road is the road of the crowd or the road of the majority.  The majority are always the losers.  To go with the crowd is to go with the flow which would be a big mistake..  A perfect example of this is in Genesis chapter 6 in the Holy Bible.  When the flood came only 8 people were saved out of the whole earth of millions perhaps billions.  The majority were the loser then and the majority is the loser today.  JESUS says that only few will find eternal life.  Are you on that narrow road which leads to eternal life and are you one of the few that will find eternal life? 

    29.  WHAT MAKES ROCK MUSIC BANDS SO POPULAR? Because they all worship the god of this world who is the devil or Satan.
  To become a rock star or a rock musician a person must first do one thing.  That one thing is they must first bow down and worship Satan.  The god of this world is Satan and all rock bands worship this evil being.  Now do you want to listen to music where all the band members are devil worshippers?
    Rock music bands have nothing to do with JESUS and the Holy Bible because their god has nothing to do with JESUS and the Holy Bible.
    Don't you let anyone fool you precious soul, all rock stars and all rock musicians worship one being and his name is Satan or the devil.  Wearing large crosses like a lot of rock stars do doesn't prove one thing.  Even Catholics wear crosses around their necks and Catholics are not even Christian.  You cannot be Catholic and Christian.  It is 100% impossible just like you cannot be a rock musician or a rock star and be Christian.
    So the next time you listen to a rock song just remember that the devil is using that band and that song as your decoy to Hell.    

    30.  ARE APES OUR ANCESTORS AND IS EVOLUTION TRUE AFTER ALL? Nope, nope, and  again I say nope.  In no way did we evolve from apes and in no way is evolution true.  The main reason why we did not evolve from apes is because we cannot procreate with apes which means that a female ape cannot get pregnant by a human male and likewise any female animal cannot get pregnant by a human male.  It is 100% impossible for that to happen.
Had we come from apes then we could obviously procreate with the species but these brainwashed saps of Satan who are called scientists would like for you to believe that we could so as to dispell the fact of Biblical creation.  They are such utter fools! All creatures can only procreate within their own species or kind. See Genesis 1:24.

    31.  ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH? What is truth? The Holy Bible says in John 14:6,
    JESUS is the Way.  JESUS is the Truth.  JESUS is the Life.  Salvation is only through JESUS.

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