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      32.  ARE YOU TRYING TO FIND GOD? Why not let God find you!

    33. WHAT GROUP OF PEOPLE WILL POPULATE HELL MORE THAN ANY OTHER GROUP? There will be more religious people in Hell than any other group.  Just think.  All those lost church members that will never make it to Heaven.  What a sad fact!
    Being religious is trying to get to Heaven your way instead of God's way.  God's way is only through His only begotten Son JESUS.  There is no other way to Heaven but by God's way. 
    The God of the Holy Bible is the one and only God.  There are no others.  There is no plural to God. 
There is only one God and His name is JESUS.  All the other gods that people worship are only devils disguised as God.  Go to the salvation page and accept JESUS as your own personal Saviour today.  Please don't let the devil fool you any longer precious soul. Only JESUS is God!

    34.  CAN I WORK MY WAY TO HEAVEN? No.  We cannot work our way to Heaven but must come in by and through the door.  JESUS is the door to Heaven and JESUS is the door to salvation as well.  JESUS is the door by which you access the glories of Heaven.  JESUS is the door by which you receive eternal life and thereby are granted access to Heaven.
    The Holy Bible says in Ephesians 2:8-9,
    Now in reference to verse 8, the Gift of God that the Holy Bible is referring to is JESUS, the slain Lamb of God, who is the sacrificial Gift to us.  JESUS died on the Cross of Calvary as a sacrifice for our sins.  JESUS is truly the "Gift of God."
    35. CAN I WORK MY WAY TO HELL? Yes! You can work your way to Hell.  Unlike Heaven, you can work your way to Hell by your good deeds that you have done here on earth.
  A person's good deeds doesn't mean a "hill of beans" to God when it comes to being saved and going to Heaven. 
    To get to Heaven you have to come by the door who is JESUS.  To get to Hell there is a door also and that door is rejection of JESUS as your own personal Saviour.  When you reject JESUS as your own personal Saviour, there is no other way to Heaven so therefore you will be banished to the bottomless pit forever for your rejection of the one and only Messiah who is CHRIST JESUS. 
  Hell will have millions of people who were "good deed doers"!  Renounce your Judaism, renounce your Islam, renounce your Mormonism, renounce your Catholicism, renounce your Hinduism, renounce your Buddhism, renounce your witchcraft, renounce your anti-Christ and anti-Bible beliefs and persuasion and turn to JESUS! I pray that you will.

    36.  WHAT IS THE QURAN OR KORAN? It is a book of subversive Satanic writings.  It is anti-Christ and therefore is birthed in the heart of the devil who is Satan.  The Quran is a book of jibber-jabber.
Any book that leaves out JESUS is a book of "death" because JESUS is Life!  If you have this evil book be sure to burn it as soon as possible for it is a bunch of fables.  The Quran is a book of "DEATH"!
    Did you know that in all of the Quran the word "JESUS" is not found?  Neither is "Salvation" nor "Heaven" nor "Hell".  This book is not a holy book but is a
"BOOK OF BLASPHEMY" in the highest order.  It shows you nothing about JESUS or Salvation or even how to get to Heaven.  What a crying shame.  All those people who believe in this evil book of "LIES"!  The Quran is full of lies. 
    Since it is full of lies then the writer or writers of the Quran are all liars and who do all liars worship? The answer is the devil or Satan who is the father of lies.  My prayer for all the people who believe in the Quran is to renounce it now and turn to JESUS for salvation.  He alone is your only hope of salvation.  The Holy Bible says in 1 Timothy 2:5-6,

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