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    The God of the Holy Bible who is none other than JESUS, the Saviour of all mankind is not the God whom these people are talking about that gives them the messages.  JESUS never contradicts His Holy Bible. 
    So many of the people that say they have messages from God, but in fact are getting the messages from their god who is the devil.  Unbenounced to them the devil can easily come to them as an angel of light as he always does.  When you talk to that person concerning the messages, the messages are not Scriptually based so therefore have their origin in the heart of their god who is Satan. 
    If someone tells you that God gave them a message, all you have to do is to base the message on the Holy Bible.  If the message is for them to try to reach the young people for JESUS through rock music then you will know full well that that message is from Hell.
JESUS never tries to win the lost through rock music, no matter what any sap of Satan tells you precious soul and don't let these saps tell you that they were saved at a Christian rock concert either! They are all liars!  So that rules out Christian rock, Christian rap, Heavy metal Christian, Holy hip hop, God rock and anything and everything in between.  JESUS does not work that way.  However, the enemy of JESUS who is Satan does work in that fashion.  Oh the many false prophets that permeate America nowadays.  The musical false prophets are simply everywhere nowadays too.
    If the message the person tells you is for them to promote Catholicism, or any ISM for that matter, then you will know full well that the message is from Hell as well. 
    Always test the message by the Holy Bible and you will never go wrong. The Holy Bible says in 1 John 4:1,
    This part of Holy Scripture tells us directly to test the spirits and/or test the message to see if they or the message is from God, the God of the Holy Bible who is JESUS, the one and only Creator of the universe.  The message could be from God-the God of the Holy Bible or the message could be from the god of  Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Mormonism, Buddhism, and the other ISM's, who is the devil or Satan who by the way is the god of this world and who is the god of all the ISM's and all the religions of the world. 
    The devil is a crowd pleaser and not a God pleaser.  Knowing the truth of that then you can see that the promoters of all this Christian rock are only crowd pleasers and are not God pleasers! 

    133.  WHO ARE THE OFFSPRING OF THE GOD HATERS? The offspring of the God haters are generation X.  Who are generation X? Generation X or "THE GOD HATERS" would be defined as the children that were born after the rise of rock music which would be in the year of 1952. The American rebellion started in that year and has snowballed ever since and generation X is the by-product of that rebellion.  The teenagers of the 60's are the grandparents of the parents of today.  The parents of today were the teenagers of the 70's.  These parents are teaching their children their philosophy of life when they were growing up and that philosophy is the adoration and worship of rock music and the devil.  It is the philosophy of the adoration of evil and the adoration of the powers of the dark side. It is the adoration of the destruction of the Christian establishment in America.  It is the rebellious anti-Christ lifestyle that is so prevelant in our society among those people that love and adore Hellish rock music.  It is the philosophy of being a God hater and as the offspring of the God haters of the 50's and 60's they are likewise God haters.  They are not god haters but "God" haters! Their god is Satan and they hate the God of the Holy Bible who is JESUS.  They love the god of rock music who is the devil.   

    134.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT? To put it in a nutshell, to be politically correct would be to be anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-patriot, anti-American, anti-everything that has to do with JESUS and the American way, that is what it means to be politically correct. 
The American way is to be a Christian and no other way! Don't let any sap in America pervert and/or subvert your mind precious soul by telling you anything contrary to that statement!

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