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    185.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH ABOUT FRANKLIN GRAHAM? IS HE A FALSE PROPHET CALLED OF SATAN TO "HIS" MINISTRY OR IS HE CALLED TO THE MINISTRY BY THE GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE (KJV) WHO IS JESUS THE CHRIST? In the following expose' you will see the total truth of what Franklin Graham really and truly is my beloved.  He will not "pervert" and "subvert" your minds nor will he "bamboozle" you any longer after you know the whole truth about the son of Billy Graham who is promoting "a" jesus not "the" Jesus and who promotes "a" gospel but not "the" Gospel! A "new age" jesus who is for all religions and who is for all modern "babble" bible translations and who is for all Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)!
    On May 2-4, 2003 Franklin Graham had what he called Southwest Virginia Festival in Salem Virginia at the Salem Stadium.  I have in my office 3 pages of an internet website that Franklin Graham had concerning the festival in which he listed the activities and performers at the festival.  The following are the performers at the festival:




          Bibleman (Willie Aames)
          Michael W.



          Nicole C.

    Now if you take a good look at the list above you will see that it is a listing full of CCM artists and performers except for Bibleman and Ricky Skaggs who is a country music superstar.  Country music my beloved is a music that is of the "flesh".  Jesus and country music don't mix precious soul!
    It is quite obvious that Franklin Graham loves and adores CCM as per his listing of CCM artists on his ministry website and as evident at his Southwest Virginia Festival.  One thing needs to be said loud and clear at the outset and that is CCM and Jesus don't mix.  Did you get that?  Jesus and CCM don't mix. 
    I personally went to the websites above and you talk about perversion and subversion of the "WORD OF GOD", it is just unbelievable.  Go to the websites for yourself and you too will see the utter diabolical scheme and debauchery of the CCM  that is promoted at Franklin Graham's festival.  Go to the websites and click on the music icons and you will hear what is
"PURE EVIL"! This is the evil music that was blasted out at the Graham festival under the name of the living God who is Jesus the Christ! 
    On the website that Franklin Graham had for his upcoming festival, they had a listing of the performers at the festival and going under Dennis Agajanian I noticed that he is and has been a performer at Greg Laurie's harvest crusades.  Now Greg Laurie is what his website calls him a "Contemporary Evangelist" who has what they call now Christian pop and Christian alternative music at his crusades and at his "harvest jam" for teens.  This is the kind of Satanic deception that Dennis Agajanian is a part of and Franklin Graham knows all about it too, don't you think he does not my beloved.  Go to
and see for yourself what Greg Laurie is promoting and you will know fully what Franklin Graham is all about and you will see clearly the kind of perversion and subversion that Franklin Graham is affiliated with precious soul.  It is subversion and perversion of the holy "WORD OF GOD" and is a Satanic scheme to damn millions of souls to Hell and Franklin Graham's father who is Billy Graham is all for it.  That tells you the "true" story of Billy Graham and his ministry does it not? Yes, it  surely does.  It speaks volumes against the minister who is so beloved by so many deceived and brainwashed Americans. Read the book Billy Graham and His Friends-A Hidden Agenda by Cathy Burns and you will see the real Billy Graham, not the Billy Graham that his ministry tries to promote him as being. Go to to order. 
    Some of the CCM performers at Greg Laurie's crusades are Delirious, Audio Adrenaline, Bryan Duncan, Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, Bleach, Pax217, Third Day, Dean-o and the Dynamos and many others of that Satanic breed and Satanic calling which are known as CCM artists!

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