The Way To God


There is never a day so dreary

But God can make it bright,

And unto the soul that trusts Him,

He giveth songs in the night.

There is never a path so hidden,

But God can lead the way,

If we seek for the Spirit’s guidance

And patiently wait and pray.


There is never a cross so heavy

But the nail-scarred hands are there

Outstretched in tender compassion

The burden to help us bear.

There is never a heart so broken,

But the loving Lord can heal,

The heart that was pierced on Calvary

Doth still for His loved ones feel.


There is never a life so darkened,

So hopeless and unblessed,

But my be filled with the light of God

And enter His promised rest.

There is never a sin or sorrow,

There is never a care or loss,

But that we may bring to Jesus

And leave at the foot of the cross.

Author unknown